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Fergie won more… but Busby rebuilt Utd twice.

The story of Busby’s achievement is more like dramatic fiction than real life. It can’t really have happened, but it did. . Charlton at 19, not previously a first team regular, but a crash survivor, had to “grow up overnight”, to use the World War Two expression.

There was no time for post-traumatic stress disorder. Wales’ greatest ever football manager, Jimmy Murphy from the Rhondda, took over the reins because Busby was badly injured.

Manchester United legends Matt Busby, in 1957, and Sir Alex Ferguson, who announced his retirement this week

On numbers of trophies won, Fergie wins by a mile.

Byline: RHODRI MORGAN Mr Wales writes exclusively for the WesternMail

WHO was the greatest manager, Fergie or Matt Busby? I met Fergie only once, a proud dad watching his son Darren playing for Wrexham and winning the FA Trophy at the Millennium Stadium 10 years ago. It does make comparisons impossible.

But Busby rebuilt Man Utd twice, once from the ravages of the war and then after the Munich air disaster. I saw a Matt Busby team, Bobby Charlton, George Best, Denis Law and all, on my only ever visit to Old Trafford in 1968.

Nobody who lived through the time of the Munich air disaster and the loss of so many of the Busby Babes can ever forget it.

On a tidal wave of emotion, the miracle happened and they won the game.


The FA gave the club four extra days to get a team together to play Sheffield Wednesday in an FA Cup semi-final.

Thank goodness nothing like that ever happened to Fergie and his beloved Class of 1992, Ryan Giggs, Scholes, Beckham and the others – his equivalent of the Busby Babes

Sports :: Aston Villa Legends – Profiles of the Greatest Players and Managers of Aston Villa Football Club (Page 1 of 4)

He would never play again, and died four years later at the age of just 35. During this time Villa won the League and FA Cup 6 times each, and establishing themselves as the premier club in England.

A skillful centre forward, he made 531 appearances, scoring 244 goals, and is the club’s all-time leading goalscorer..

Villa’s first great captain, Hunter joined the club in 1878, ten years before the commencement of League football, and remained until the premature end of his career in 1890.

Billy Walker

Position: Forward

Aston Villa Career: 1920-1933

Appearances: 531

Goals: 244 Aston Villa legend, Billy Walker joined the club in 1914 and spent his entire playing career at Villa Park.

After finishing his playing career at Notts County he went on to become Aston Villa manager and led them to an FA Cup win in 1957.

George Ramsay

Position: Forward (later secretary of the club)

Aston Villa Career: (as a player) 1976-1884 (as secretary) 1884 -1926

Archie Hunter

Position: Forward

Aston Villa Career: 1878-1890

Appearances: 367

Goals: 150

Ramsay retired from playing in June 1882 but took up the role of Secretary which he held from 1884-1926. And he was a skillful player himself with people coming to Villa matches just see him play.

Tragically, during a League match against Everton in 1890, he suffered a heart attack and collapsed. (Current Aston Villa players are not included). With apologies the great players we’ve excluded, here is our list of Aston Villa Legends. He was something of a deadball specialist with a powerful shot that yielded 58 goals from the penalty spot and 30 from direct free kicks.

Page 1 of 4 :: First | Last :: Prev | 1 2 3 4 | Next

He also stands second on the list of highest appearances and was a member of the 1920 FA Cup winning side.

Ensured his status as an Aston Villa legend by being the first Villa captain to lift the FA Cup, and also the first player to score in every round of the cup during Villa’s victorious 1887 campaign.

After retirement Walker had a successful management career, leading both Sheffield Wednesday and Nottingham Forest to FA Cup success.

An Aston Villa legend who is often referred to as “Mr Aston Villa”. Nevertheless, we’ve given it a go.

Eric Houghton

Position: Forward / Manager

Aston Villa Career: 1927-1946

Appearances: 392

Goals: 170

The earliest of Aston Villa legends, Ramsay served the club both as player and secretary (a role that effectively made him manager of the team).

So many great players have represented Aston Villa in their illustrious history that putting together a list of twelve or so greats is close to impossible. Houghton played for the club for two decades and scored 170 goals in 392 games. He was responsible for transforming the team from a disorganized group playing ‘kick and rush’, to an effective unit playing the passing game

Andrea Pirlo Signing With NYCFC Should Make You Happy

His athletic ability was criticized when Pirlo was 25, and those critiques will naturally increase now that he has just turned 36.

Much has been made about how Pirlo will fit into this current New York City lineup. Pirlo has succeeded without the greatest athleticism for years, there is no reason to expect that to change now.

How Will Pirlo Fit Into The NYCFC Squad?

Pirlo actually appears to be a perfect fit for the 4-4-2 diamond formation that Jason Kreis has historically preferred to deploy. He is joining a team in NYCFC that hasnt gotten a free kick on target in recent memory and is completely inept on corners. I mean, its Andrea Pirlo! The man is a legend and one of the best midfielders weve seen in the last twenty years. This role will require box-to-box movement from Mix, where he may be at his most productive. This is where Pirlo is at his finest, and his addition will add a new threat to the attack.

Accept It, This Is A Win-Win

Adding Pirlo will provide an incredible learning experience for the young players on New York City as well. He has an unreal ability to provide quality crosses into the box and score on set pieces. This is very true. The young midfielders on this team will improve from the simple osmosis of just being in the same locker room with a player or Pirlos caliber.

But he also wont be defending against Leo Messi and Neymar in Major League Soccer and being surrounded by great players certainly doesn’t condemn Pirlo as a defensive burden. Andrea will most likely maintain the same position with New York City while Frank Lampard occupies the top spot right behind the forward pair.

Many voices have expressed concern about Pirlos fitness and athleticism, questioning his ability to defend effectively in Major League Soccer. I encourage you not to do so in this specific instance.

Nevertheless, the haters are still among us. Lets not forget that we are talking about a man who was consistently playing all season for Juventus, a defensive juggernaut that only won the Italian domestic league by a ridiculous 17 points. Pogba and Vidal are two of the most athletically gifted box-to-box midfielders in the world and did shield Pirlo from a lot of defensive responsibility at Juventus.

Pirlo will fit into this lineup just fine. Juventus occupied the same formation during his time with the club with Pirlo sitting at the back of the diamond, functioning as a deep lying playmaker. Andrea Pirlo is a great acquisition for NYCFC and Major League Soccer. You dont get to where he has as a player without versatility and multidimensional skills.

They Don’t Call Him The Maestro For Nothing

Andrea Pirlo also provides an element to New York City that the team has sorely been lacking. Hes only played a handful of games this season, but has shown incredible offensive creativity along with natural defensive abilities.

This is a very good thing, its okay to celebrate it.

Look, no one is mistaking Pirlo for a defensive stalwart, but the perception that he is a liability it dramatically overstated. And haters are going to hate.. His mastery in this facet of the game may be unmatched in the world of football. Few have said that this current version of Pirlo is a player that must be built around in order to cover up his defensive flaws.

Mix Diskerud is the favorite to work on the right side of the midfield diamond. The player affectionately known as The Maestro is a set piece wizard that will definitely take over on free and corner kicks. He is a truly unique player and it is really hard to find truly unique players.

Dont complicate the obvious. He won the Serie A Footballer of the Year award for three straight years from 2012-2014 for crying out loud! The people who dont think Pirlo is a good use of the final DP slot would have found a way to be critical of any signing; dont let that negativity get to you.

Sometimes sports fans and media have a tendency to overanalyze player movement and team building strategies. Hes one both a World Cup with the Italian national team and the Champions League with AC Milan, feats few in the game can claim.

On the other side Jason Kreis can consider a number of options but Tommy McNamura seems like the best man for the job. He will make the team better and will be a pleasure to watch. When Diskerud has struggled this season, it has been when he becomes too static with his positioning. At his best, he moves up and down the field, showing great activity on both offense and defense. Hes played this role in the past for the US National Team and shows tremendous potential with it.

Andrea Pirlo will be a member of New York City for 2 seasons so enjoy. Wait, Were People Actually Critical Of This?

Its hard to believe that this signing has to be defended. Also, only one other player on the field covered as much ground as Pirlo in the Champions League final against Barcelona.

Many critics like to mention that Paul Pogba and Arturo Vidal will not be on either side of the midfield to protect him in the defensive third

Iniesta and Rio battling to be fit for Rome

There is so much at stake,” he added.

Ferdinand’s defiant comments come after manager Alex Ferguson cast some doubt about the England international’s appearance in Rome unless he could play in their final Premier League game of the season at Hull.

There were real fears he would be unavailable for the final but Iniesta is confident he will be fit to face United. It’s as simple as that, no chance,” he told Press Association.

Iniesta has been working around the clock with his physiotherapist Emili Ricard get fit. “The truth is that it is incredible training and I hope shortly to be able to begin to run and to touch the ball. “There’s only one week left for the final match in Rome,” he wrote on his official blog,

“I am hoping Rio will be fit for Sunday,” said Ferguson. “If not he will be doubtful for Wednesday that is for sure because he needs a game.”

Ferdinand aside, United are set to field a weakened team at the KC Stadium for a match with the relegation strugglers who need a win in their fight to avoid the drop.

Barcelona, who like their opponents have wrapped up their domestic league title, will also put out an understrength line-up at home to Osasuna with no indication as yet if Iniesta can take his place to gain match sharpness.

Iniesta, who has been in sensational form for Barca on their way to winning the Spanish league and cup double, tore a thigh muscle in their 3-3 draw with Villarreal.

Ferdinand has not played since he injured a calf muscle in United’s semifinal win over Arsenal two weeks ago, but the 30-year-old said he has no doubts he can also line up.

“I am convinced that I will arrive in Rome at my best to be able to help the team…it is my greatest desire!” he added..

“I’ve not thought about not playing in the final.

(CNN) — Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta and Manchester United central defender Rio Ferdinand gave upbeat fitness updates as they battle to be fit for Wednesday’s Champions League showdown in Rome.

Ferdinand and Iniesta locked horns in last year's Champions League semifinals.

Spanish international Iniesta has been a driving force in Barcelona’s midfield this season.

“This has been perhaps the hardest and most important injury battle of my career

Warren Keating – :

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Liverpool FC, Great Players, Great Goals

He went on to score 100 goals for Liverpool in all.

Ian Rush has the record of scoring the most number (5) of goals in FA Cup finals. Fernando Torres has the record of the scoring the most number of goals by a foreigner in his debut season.

Robbie Fowler has the record of scoring the fastest Premier League hat trick when he scored three goals in 4 minutes and 33 seconds against Arsenal in 1995.

In his first match Keegan scored after just 12 minutes, and Liverpool beat Nottingham Forest 3-1. They have also won two second division titles, seven FA Cups, seven League Cups which is also a record and 15 community shield titles.. With 24 goals in his first season

Between 1978 and 1981, Liverpool created the record of remaining unbeaten for 85 matches at home in all competitions.

He was signed as a midfielder to replace Ian Callaghan but his sparkling display up front in a pre-season match persuaded Shankly to plunge him into his debut alongside John Toshack in attack at the start of the 1971-72 season. In the 1893-1894 season, they won the second division league title without losing a match making them the first and the only club to do so.

Kevin Keegan

Kevin Keegan began his professional career with Scunthorpe United and was signed by Liverpool manager, Bill Shankly in May 1971.

He said farewell by helping Liverpool win their first European Cup with a 3-1 conquest of Borussia Moenchengladbach in Rome before joining Hamburg in 1977.

Some Facts About Liverpool

Liverpool has the record of winning the maximum number (18) of league titles in English football. His partnership with Toshack prospered and Keegan soon became the hero of Anfield.

Liverpool is one of four teams who have won the league three times in a row, they achieved this feat from 1983-1985

Game Ready Joins Manchester City Football Club on U.S. Tour

About Game Ready

Based in Alameda, Calif., CoolSystems, Inc., makers of Game Ready, manufactures and markets active pneumatic compression/ cold therapy systems for both people and animals.

For more information about Game Ready, visit is proving invaluable, said Jamie Murphy, head physiotherapist, Manchester City Football Club.

Game Ready differs from conventional cold therapy solutions by offering active pneumatic compression from form-fitting anatomic wraps. The system can be operated with minimal training, and with its patented ergonomic wraps, adjustable temperature and compression levels, and its portable design, can be incorporated into a multitude of treatment protocols. With the majority of our first team already Game Ready users, being able to have access to Game Ready in this way whilst on tour in the U.S. Game Ready provides advanced cooling and active compression rehabilitation technology designed to help players recover after matches and avoid injuries.

With the fixture schedule English Premier League Football clubs face and the physical demands that this creates for todays professional footballerespecially in a World Cup year with many players having had very short off-seasonsGame Ready has become an integral part in helping footballers not only recover from injury faster, but also stay fit and perform at the intense level expected in English Football.


We are excited for the opportunity to continue to support the medical staff and players from Manchester City during their tour of the U.S., said Russ Harrison, Game Readys president and CEO. For public information, please visit

ALAMEDA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CoolSystems, Inc., makers of Game Ready, a leading active compression and cold therapy system designed to enhance recovery, today announced that Manchester City Football Club will be using a Game Ready System for each squad member while touring the United Stands in a series of exhibition matches. The systems provide intermittent or cyclical compression while simultaneously delivering dry, adjustable cold therapy to the affected area with anatomically fitted wraps. The system is used by over 800 individual professional athletes and 550 professional and collegiate sports teams and growing. One of our primary goals at Game Ready is to help elite athletes take their performance to the next level and our involvement with the team is a great example of that. The combination of cold and active compression helps reduce swelling, control edema, and increase blood flow and the delivery of oxygen to injured areas encouraging an enhanced healing process

Top 15 Things He Wants You To Know

There is a lot more to come from this footballer yet and we should consider ourselves lucky to be able to watch this footballing star.

“We had the chance to be champion in our country and we failed. We didn’t get it right, we fell short. He trains and practises all aspects of playing football, which is obvious when you see him play. His absence was felt enormously when Brazil suffered their worst ever defeat against the German team, losing 7-1.. Dribbling, passing, headers, shooting and control. He is an all round great footballer. Pressure

“It’s hard to balance the pressure of being young. The sponsors, the fans and, of course, winning the game. He can defend, play midfield and is a fantastic striker, evident by the amount of goals he has scored already.

2014 World Cup

In the 2014 World Cup held in Brazil, Neymar helped Brazil to get to the semi-final, but he was injured in the quarter-final win against Columbia and was out for the rest of the tournament. I have to follow a line, I’m a professional player, I have to resist some things to get ahead in the future. That’s my line.”


Neymar is the only Brazilian athlete to have his portrait on the front cover of Time Magazine, which is certainly a big achievement before his 21st birthday.

“Victory won’t assimilate all the pain we feel today, but it is important.”

It won’t be Neymar’s last World Cup. We know we had a good campaign, but we did not play our best.”

“We did not show how good Brazilian football is, its superiority and charm, but we have to look at this last match as if it were the final.”

Of his fame he jokes: “I can wear a hat, wig or moustache and everyone will notice.” In 2012 he was recognized as the 7th richest footballer in the world.


Neymar tries to perfect everything


Alien Nuclear Wars Might Be Visible From EarthIn a recent New Yorker article, the nuclear historian Alex Wellerstein collected testimony from several people who saw, firsthand, the flash from the first successful detonation of the atomic bomb, at the infamous Trinity Test, on July 16, 1945.

Top 5 football (soccer) players today

could beat in future.

This was VERY hard to choose,the nominees were:Özil,Neymar Jr.,Iniesta,Xavi and Ibrahmović.At the end I have chosen Mesut Özil because of the difference in the game when he is or isn’t playing.When he plays, the team gets in scoring chances with such an ease that it’s incredible.


This one wasn’t that hard, him or Ibrahimović,but after a quick thought,he has done so much for Spain and Barça that only Xavi could have done  so much for both,but Xavi is not on the same level as few years ago,and I am taking in account how are they in this very moment,and Iniesta is the second best midfielder at this moment.

He got before Özil because of his amazing goal versus England a few days ago.I mean,bicycle kick from 25 meters, come on, that is amzing ,even for him.If he didn’t score that goal he would probably be equal to Özil in my eyes and make Number 5 and 4 decision even harder.He scores goals like no one else can, he is the probably the best striker that I have ever seen.Only Ronaldo(Brazil),Eto’o,Didier Drogba(because of 11/12 CL performances) and Messi are MAYBE at his level.

Zlatan Ibrahimović




Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro


THE best, both, midfielder and winger,the Balon d’Or winner ’08,when he won pretty much every individual and team trophy and totally deserved it.Agile,strong,cannon in his legs,unbelivabely good runner,jumper and header,wide arsenal of tricks,unpredictable,cold blooded in 1 on 1,master of penalties,unique freekick technique that he invented.At this moment he is absolutely amazing,but still not at it best,but he will wake up beast inside him soon.Somehow didn’t win the Balon d’Or in 10/11 season,when he was Pichichi in his second season in LaLiga with 53 goals in all competition and 40 in La Liga!Didn’t win Balon d’Or in 11/12,in which he was leading Real Madrid to La Liga title with 46 goals in La Liga and 60 goals in all competitions,but this time I could understand why,because Messi scored more,but Messi won Balon d’Or 10/11 because Barcelona won La Liga,why couldn’t he win it because Real won it?Scored in last 7 El Clasicos,scored 3 crucial goals for Portugal on Euro 2012,with many unlucky goal posts hit.Underrated player that has potential to be the best player in history of soccer,but he is always compared with Messi altough they are two diferrent worlds,but both are there to score goals,and they are doing it damn well.



Mesut Özil

Neymar Jr.Playing for Santos F.C.Owner of Puskas Awrd for the Goal of the Year.Humiliates his opponents by going past them with ease and lots of tricks.Sometimes doesn’t know when to stop the ball and pass it to a teammate in better position.

Lionel Messi

Andres Iniesta

He is the best wing striker ever to play this beautiful game.Small,agile,best scorer ever in single season,this year suprised me with freekicks scoring,which was mission impossible 2 years ago.More team-oriented than Ronaldo,works best in combination with Xavi and Iniesta,in my opinion at same level as Ronaldo but when both have they day Ronaldo is better.Messi is the best team work orientated striker,and he scored 76 goals in this year (not season) which is unbelievable.Often gives money to charity and has a great personality.Won Balon d’Or 3 times in a row,if he wins it this year it will be absolutely sensational,because that will be achievement that only Neymar Jr