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Ready for a Divorce? Your House Isn’t

“She might not get the price she wants, she may not even get near the price she wanted had she sold it two or three years ago.”

Under their 2005 separation agreement, Tipheny DelPrado was supposed to assume the mortgage on the couple’s three-bedroom Virginia home. Glenn Kelman, the chief executive of the realty Web site, said he knew of one couple who, while waiting for their home to sell, started to talk about reconciling.

Last month, median house prices saw their largest annual decline in nearly a decade, while sales for single-family homes nationwide dropped 2 percent, according to the National Association of Realtors. But the legal battle between the two didn’t begin to wind down until this month, and the housing slump may be partly to blame.

“If she really wanted to sell the house, she would have to do anything it took to sell it,” Thomas said. Thomas, the lawyer for David DelPrado.

For Sale, Please!

“While their house sits on the market, maybe in that time there’ll be a few people who remember why they loved their spouse so much in the first place,” he said.

But such happy endings are rare, and even couples who split amicably can find that selling their homes turns into a nightmare.

The DelPrados may represent an extreme case, but they’re far from the only divorcing couple coping with housing woes. a divorce that it’s going to be harder to sell the house, in many cases it’s going to sell more slowly.”

Tipheny DelPrado did not respond to requests for an interview.

“They’re under great pressure to make a sale,” she said. As shrinking home values, slow home sales and the credit crunch take their toll on American homeowners, splitting couples seeking to sell property might find themselves in a tougher spot than most.

Sooho said that couples, for instance, may disagree on how to price their homes.

The couple reached an agreement earlier this month that kept Tipheny DelPrado out of jail: If she fails to sell or refinance the home by mid-July, she’ll have to give it to her ex-husband.

“It’s always complicated when people own a house, live in a house together and they need to get a divorce,” said Lee Borden, a divorce lawyer in Birmingham, Ala. For her, that meant either refinancing the mortgage or selling the house.. Divorce lawyers and real estate agents say that more and more of their clients have found their divorces snarled by the struggles they face in selling their homes.

“It’s an enormous financial drain, and even for people who have a lot of goodwill between them, it’s probably taking a toll on their health as well as their finances,” said Sharon Sooho, a Massachusetts lawyer and a co-founder of

“The housing market has just made it harder for people to make quickfire decisions and say ‘I want out’ and then get out,” Kelman said.

David and Tipheny DelPrado divorced in 2006. “But the market is slow and if they keep reducing the price, sometimes the sale price may go below the [level of] the outstanding loan.”

Tipheny DelPrado argued that the poor housing market was keeping her from making a sale, but that didn’t stop a judge from threatening to put her in jail on a charge of contempt of court, said J.B. “It’s getting more complicated now because they both know going into ..

This is a question for all you sports bettors. (live Betting)?

You don’t think the line stays at -200 throughout the whole game, do you?

How would you make your money back?

You’ve already bet $400 to win $200.

So you’d have to bet another $500 to win your $400 (I’m guessing on the line). If the Blues hang on… you’ve broken even. then the game is over, the live betting won’t work… (If you really meant end of 3rd period… Congratulations, but that’s a lot to risk just to break even, isn’t it? .

So if the Blackhawks come back, you’ve won your initial $200, but lost $500 on the live line. you didn’t really think it would, did you?)

If it’s 2-1 Blues after two periods (I assume you meant end of 2nd period), then the Blues are likely going to be the favorite on the live betting

Top Chef 5: Teaming Up For Wedding Wars

The Top Chef twists? None of the chefs can speak to one another, and when its not their turn to cook for 10 minutes-they are blindfolded.

Check out pics from the Wedding Wars here.

Desert: Chef Feninger-Egyptian Semolina Cake; Chef Adams-Bananas Foster.

Blue Team Menu:

Chef Waxman watched Chef Samuelsson grilling his filet, “I am not sure I would go with fillet at a wedding, it’s just too easy to overcook or undercook.” Could it be foreboding from the Yoda?

At the Critics Table review a split decision with the bride’s team presenting better main dishes, but the groom’s team winning the desert battle. In Wedding Wars on Top Chef, the chefs are teamed up and have 12 hours over two days to prep and cook a wedding meal, including a cake. She would not have a lot to be judged on at Critics Table, so for her execution would have to be perfect.

The win gave the blue team chance to pick out who they would cook for in the Wedding War, the bride or the groom.

Desert: Chef Suser Lee-wedding cake (carrot cake)

Red Team Menu:. “I’m going to make her a lamb dish she loves,” Adams says. He pulled off his blindfold after 30 minutes to finish a mussel and shrimp stew and help his team win the Quick Fire.

In prepping for the wedding the chefs learned that the groom really likes simple food, something Chef Mantuano wondered about as he watched Samuelsson prep the tenderloin, “You have to cook for the client,” Mantuano laments.

The requirements of simple flavors would also handcuff Chef Gonzalez as she stepped out of prepping a savory dish, instead focusing on desert, preparing two simple dishes and to keep her team on schedule. All rights reserved.

Hors D’Oevers: Chef Carmen Gonzalez-Crab Cakes; Chef Marcus Samuelsson-Lobster Roll and Cured Tuna.

This was the Quick Fire Chef Rick Moonen judged in season six of Top Chef, so he understood the challenge, and the importance of the anchor for the team. The groom told the chefs he is a steak and potatoes kind of guy and wanted a carrot cake for his father. It’s a risky move with elimination on the front.

Hors D’Oevers: Chef Waxman-Red Pepper Pancakes; Chef Susan Feninger-Spicy Potato Fritters; Chef Adams-Raclette Tarts.

The bride told the chefs she preferred French and Asian cuisine-but not shellfish or lamb. Her favorite desert is bananas foster. Chef Adams is the big winner, getting rave reviews for her risky lamb dish and great execution of bananas foster.

Chef Moonen, “Susan’s cake is the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree of wedding cakes.” Chef Feninger admits, “It does not look good, but it tastes great.”

Copyright 2010 CBS. The meal is served buffet style and for the Top Chef Masters, there were 150 guests to please.

From the grooms team, Chef Gonzalez was eliminated. She could not overcome the lack of a savory dish to be judged on and there was some question about the desert she offered-which prompted the Quote of the Day:

Side Dishes: Chef Gonzalez-Roasted Corn Relish; Chef Mantuano-Potatoes Au Gratin.

The Chefs were split into two teams of four and given 40 minutes to prepare a dish. For team Blue, Moonen picked out the “Yoda” of the kitchen, Chef Jonathan Waxman.

Entrees: Chef Moonen-Seafood Mixed Grill; Chef Waxman-Roast Chicken; Chef Adams-Rack of Lamb.

Although chefs are ultimately judged on the execution of their dishes, a professional kitchen is a well orchestrated team environment and as the Top Chef Masters winnowed down to the field of the Elite Eight in the Championship Round, team work was on display.

For Episode Five, the chefs who survived their opening round challenges were hit with the Top Chef classic Wedding Wars for elimination; but opened with another Top Chef classic in the Quick Fire: Tag Team Cooking.

Entrees: Chef Tony Mantuano-Ouzo Shrimp and Pasta with Feta Cheese; Chef Samuelsson-Roast Beef Tenderloin.

Chef Jody Adams from the Blue Team presented a lamb dish, even though the bride told the team she was not a fan of lamb. For winning the Quick Fire the blue team chose the bride, and to the market went the chefs.

This was an interesting challenge for Waxman, who admitted to being claustrophobic. Ultimately though it was a win for the bride’s team-meaning all four move on in the competition

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Find out what’s hot and happening in Wrestling. Look out for the adult late night movies, erotic reality shows, spicy stuff and many more. The real life like pictures of HD is miles better than your local cable channels. Pay-Per-View is just one of them. This channel 492 is rated as XX and would cost you $29.99/mo, i.e. Cloud

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Android was ‘probably the best decision Google ever made’ says its former leader

Some mobile companies, like Samsung, have tried to build their own standalone mobile OS, but failed to gain any kind of traction.

“Android was probably the best decision that Google ever made ” you know, years ago,” Barra told Chang. It just wouldn’t go anywhere,” he added.

Barra’s comment was made in response to Chang’s question about Android’s? free business model, and whether making it an? open source platform was the right decision.

Google offers its Android mobile operating system for free to other smartphone makers. By doing so, Android has been able to quickly become the largest market share leader in the global smartphone market.

He continued, “So absolutely, one of the best things that have ever happened in tech over the last few decades.”

SEE ALSO: This former Google exec”s startup lends money based on your school, SAT score, and job history ” and a star Wall St. It would be impossible to get the level of adoption that we’ve seen ” from a closed operating system. investor”s betting on it

NOW WATCH: How to use Google Maps when you have no phone servicePlease enable Javascript to watch this video. “And, of course, the fruit of that will be around for many decades.”

Hugo Barra on Android – Business Insider

Xiaomi's vice president of international operations, Hugo Barra displays the Thomson ReutersXiaomi’s vice president of international operations, Barra displays Mi 4i phones during its launch in New Delhi

See Also

Intel is about to save $1 billion by failing to keep up with a 50-year-old industry standard

10 acquisition rumors that could have changed tech history ” but never came true

Why investors are throwing money at $2.8 billion startup Slack, when it’s only making $30 million

Xiaomi’s vice president Hugo Barra had lots of good things to say about Android, Google’s mobile business he once led before abruptly deciding to leave? in 2013, during an interview with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang on Thursday.

“Think about what would’ve happened if Android wasn’t open…? It means that people would not necessarily make a choice of which browser to use, which search engine to use,” Barra continued. Smartphone manufacturers like Amazon, Samsung, and Xiaomi built their own? smartphones on top of Android’s platform. Barra also argued Google would never turn? Android into walled, paid service, like Apple, as that would make things “unfair” for its users and Google.

“We wouldn’t build our own operating system…simple because it doesn’t make sense to do that.? We’d much rather use that engineering horsepower building interesting services and capabilities on top of Android that add value ” versus ” versus starting again,” he said.

It’s also why Barra and Xiaomi have no interest in building their own mobile operating system. “When you have a closed operating system that mandates, you know, certain behaviors and people, it’s unfair, right?? It would be unfair for Google and ” and ” basically anybody else.”

“I think Android as an open platform is the only call that Google could have made on this

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Smartphones and tablets are changing the way people live, the way people connect to each other, the way people open their lives to the world, and the way people create their future. IF you’re an NFL player, you might want to keep that checkbook handy.    The NFL and NFL Players

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Is that Yuletide spirit, someone cursed my 87 year old dad out?

The moral of this story may be don’t gamble, don’t drink, be careful when associating with persons who do either and seek to help the truly needy.

Although your aged and elderly father meant well, perhaps he should have found someone who is truly needy and then given that person the ticket. namaste

(Despite city ordinances that are very hard on the homeless and needy in Las Vegas, there are still many of them there to be found.)

Please to remember that most persons in Las Vegas playing slot machines are also consuming alcohol as they lose their money.

Furstration and drunkenness has lead many an otherwise good person to do horrendous things.

Punters to set pounds 1.2bn bet record; GAMBLING.

All rights reserved.

Ladbrokes has already taken a single bet of pounds 20,000 on

England to win. William Hill has reported a pounds 10,000 bet on Spain

and pounds 9,000 on Brazil.

Ladbrokes said: “The punters have gone into overdrive and

we’ve not even kicked off yet.”

And bookies are bracing themselves for a pounds 15million payout if

England win.


THE World Cup will be the most gambled-on event in history with

punters set to spend pounds 1.2billion.


No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

Bookies say this total easily beats the previous best of pounds

900million set at the last World Cup.

Copyright 2010 Gale, Cengage Learning

Jai Alai: Racquetball’s Thrilling High-Speed Cousin

This basket glove (called a xistera in Basque or a cesta-punta in Spanish) is long and curved, which is what allows the players to hurl the ball at such incredible speeds. But what is jai alai? Where did it come from?

If you like racquet ball, why not try (to watch) jai alai, racquet ball’s thrilling and high-speed cousin.

A team scores when the opposing team fails to catch the ball in the air or after one bounce, holds or juggles the ball, fails to serve so that the ball lands between lines four and seven, throws the ball out-of-bounds, or interferes with an opposing player. The game is usually played with eight teams of players, with each team consisting of one or two people. Between then and now, the speed of the game has increased, with the modern version introduced in Cuba in 1898, and then in the United States at the 1904 world’s fair held in St. It is still played in a handful of frontons in Florida, where the law allows gamblers to bet on the sport.

As with similar games, it is played in a court with three walls. Because of the tremendous strain put on it, a pelota typically only lasts for about 20 minutes of play before the cover starts to come off.

Jai alai is a Basque word, meaning ‘merry festival’. In fact, the fastest speed for a jai alai ball was recorded on August 3, 1979 in Newport, RI, when Jose Ramon Arietio made a shot that was clocked at 188 miles per hour. It is about three fourths the size of a baseball, made of rubber and nylon, and covered in goat skin. The game was given this name because it originated four centuries ago, with men throwing a ball against a church wall as an attraction during the annual festivals in the Basque region of Spain. This court is divided by fourteen parallel lines, numbered from the front of the court to the back. The ball, called a pelota, is the hardest used in any sport. Just as with tennis or racquet ball, play starts with a serve, which must be returned by the other team. The first team to score so many points, usually either 7 or 9, wins the game.. Louis.

Most courts are about half the length of a football field, 40 feet wide, and about 40 feet high. This is done by catching the ball in the air or after one bounce and immediately throwing it in one fluid motion.

By Earl Hunsinger

You may play racquetball and you might have tried handball, but have you ever seen their high speed cousin, jai alai? Jai alai is promoted by the Basque government as the fastest game on Earth. These teams take turns, with the winner staying on the court and the loser moving to the end of the line each time a point is scored. This court is known as a fronton. A wicker basket is placed over the hand like a glove, and used to hurl a ball against the back wall of the fronton. (The Basque country is an autonomous region in the northern part of Spain.) With a ball that regularly flies around the court at over a hundred miles an hour, you might see why they make this claim. While jai alai is popular in France, Spain, and some Latin American countries, what little popularity it once had in the United States has fallen off

Wild mass brawl at Resorts World Casino in NYC caught on video

They said shots may have been fired when the brawling spilled into the parking lot.

“They done tore up the #FatTuesdaysNYC on the first night! Can’t have nothing,” one partygoer tweeted, the Post reported.

Video posted online showed angry patrons hurling chairs, brandishing rope-line stanchions, exchanging punches, running and shouting.

Police say officers arrived just before midnight to find about two dozen people enmeshed in fights in the casino’s food court.

Three people were arrested or ticketed on disorderly conduct charges, and a police officer and several other people were injured in the incident. As combatants throw chairs, yelling and shattering glass can be heard in the background.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

The fighting broke out in front of about 300 onlookers.

NEW YORK –  A wild brawl involving dozens of people erupted at a New York City racetrack casino late Friday and the minutes-long melee was caught on video.

The paper said investigators think the fighting may have been gang-related. It began at the opening of a Fat Tuesday daiquiri bar at the Resorts World Casino at the Aqueduct track in Queens. “We are reviewing all aspects of this unfortunate event and are fully committed to taking steps to ensure similar acts do not take place ever again.”

The videos of the violence quickly went viral. The casino is near JFK Airport.

A spokesperson for the casino told the paper that security “worked to quickly bring the situation under control.”

. Law enforcement sources told the New York Post long waits for daiquiris fueled the ruckus.

“The safety of our patrons is Resorts World’s top priority, and there is absolutely no room for this kind of behavior at our facility,” the spokesperson added