Psychic Soccer Animals

But most of these successors pf the octopus are only successful for short runs, suggesting none really have a psychic knack.

Funtik the Pig (????- )

Funtik’s prognostications for the 2012 Euro games were interrupted by a bare-breasted female protestors. The protest group called “Femen” seek to draw attention to abuses in the sex trade and related tourism in the Ukraine.

She is credited with correctly calling the outcome of the semi-finals of the Womens World Cup, but Nelly has only just begun her career as a soccer psychic.

Nelly kicks her ball into one of two nests to predict the outcome, but just to mix things u she select the net marked with the flag of the team who will lose..

Nelly the Elephant (2010–)

Nelly is a juvenile elephant who lives in the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, Germay.

So who is the best?

Business Week backs a Russian raccoon

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