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Luxor – See above for Mirage.

Lucky Birds – This angry bird themed game is fantastic when you’re starting out! The bid levels are low, the gameplay is exciting, and rather than convoluted special stages like the other slot games featured, you have a chance to hatch eggs to get birds that help you as you play your regular slots. Payouts are fair but I’ve had some days with absolutely no love on this game.

Reel Chef – The top chef themed game is my every day slot machine. I like the knights theme and the special games are refreshingly humorous. If you’re on a hot streak, play this, and reap the benefits.

Studio City – I’m a sucker for Hollywood, and this slot game allows you to make your own movies, sort of. Beware!

Bet The Farm – If you like Farmville, you might as well start here. It plays fast so you really feel the high’s and low’s. I’ve seen some ridiculous payouts, but honestly aside from the special stage, it is terribly boring. They don’t do anything to improve your chances of winning, but it’s good fun anyway.

Lost In Time – A slot game with hidden objects for the special stage, sign me up! This game is unforgiving to me, but I can’t stop myself from playing it because I am a big sucker for finding objects. This is a game after all. Nonetheless, it’s good fun seeing how you go from picking a movie genre to getting your leading actor and actress, and winning awards on the red carpet. This game feels like a typical Vegas video slot where you’re just spinning and waiting to hear that special stage music.

Around the World in 80 Plays – I don’t know what to think.

Here are your choices in order of my favorites with accompanying notes:

So you’ve got a steady stream of chips and now you just need to play the game to get loyalty points. Again, this is a slot game that has extreme high’s and brutal low’s. In addition to your regular slotplay, you also get to build up your farming facilities. If not, you’ve got better choices.

Excalibur 1 and 2 – Excalibur will probably be the first game you play, and it’s fairly generous. But with so many ways to win chips, it seems to be the best option most of the time.. If you like the Mirage, then give it a try. Why do people play this?

Mirage – Nothing special really. The most random bonuses kick in and I’ve gotten some killer payouts even when starting out.

New York New York – I like that you end up matching symbols for pizza and taxis. Stick with the games listed above.

Monster Maniacs – Vampire themed and seriously addicting. Where do you start?

The other games – Wastes of time. My biggest wins have come in this game, but I’ve taken a leave of absence from it because I got cheated the last 10 times in the special stage. I rarely win anything in this game and there’s no emotional attachment for me. You can do worse than playing this slot game, and it’s about par for the course.

First, a disclaimer: You should always play what interests you. Excalibur 2 is for higher rollers but still has the fun of the 1st game. The bets are considerably higher so you’ll probably get into this game starting with level 20 or so. But if you’re interested in making the most of your chips keep reading.

Betrock – Serious high roller territory with a fun Flintstones vibe! I know a lot of my peers that play every day live and die with this game

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