Stopping Beginner Shakes In Poker

Listen to yourself breath and keep focused on remembering your cards and the faces of your opponents. Im not an herbal specialist so just google the word and see what comes up.

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This article was posted on August 28, 2006

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One thing you can do is learn to control your breathing. If your going in there to win big money, try to play low stakes first as practice and then move up from there.

The problem I had was violent shaking. Remember my strategy and the next time your in a casino just stay calm. The two experiences where much different from each other then I thought they would be. After time went by, people began to tell me that I shook when I had good hands. Every time I went to play live at a casino I shook like I had a some kind of nervous twitch. . It is a very low dose sleep aid used for people to calm down. If people didnt tell me I probably would not have stopped, but thanks to them, I have. The lights, the sounds, the people talking, laughing, shuffling chips, looking over to watch you play, the slot machines ringing.

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This was very overwhelming when I first started playing. If your playing low stakes, talk, laugh, see the flop, and just have fun. This is back when I first started playing in real casinos not online. Introduce yourself. When I sat down though, my hands started to shake. I brought this story up to a friend of mine, Paul Okoli, he is one of the best poker players I know, he told me a few secrets that I am going to share with everyone today (If you can call them secrets).

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Finally, there is a pill called Valerian root that you can purchase that calms nerves. As when shooting a rifle, take a deep breath and hold it, when its time to shoot, let that breath out. I took this into account and I noticed that I shook, but I could not stop. It is some kind of relaxing drug. From experience, I stopped. When I would bet from having a good hand I would shake. I thought it was very exciting and I could not wait to play. Now im not saying to get drunk, but it is a know fact that it is a depressant and can calm your nerves.

Stopping Beginner Shakes In Poker

by: George Christododulou

I want to share with you my experience when I first started because it may be happening to you know as a beginner and you should learn how I overcame my problem and a few alternative solutions.

Thats all he told me. Dont keep your eyes on the flop, it will always be there.

So what did I do? Nothing much, I just played.

Another tip is to take a drink of some alcoholoc beverage of some sort

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