The faceted, reduce-crystal design is created for traditional bouquets and retails for $925.

The spare lines of the Tornado vase are broken by a softly cut spiral. The Coco vase retails for $200.

NEW YORK-Flowers, by way of a bold new collection of vases, play astarring part in Baccarat’s item introductions at the New YorkFall Tabletop Show.

The vases in this fine-crystal collection are shaped to showcase everything from a single blossom to a lush bouquet. The Art Deco-inspired style is ideally suited for displaying compact, round bouquets, and the vase’s exclusive opening keeps flowers upright. The vase’s extended lines, set off by a contrasting spiral pattern, make it best for displaying tall, rigid-stemmed flowers. According to Corinne Coombe, the new president and chief executive officer of Baccarat, the business is targeting a additional contemporary, youthful-minded customer. The vases are ideal for holding person stems and retail for $160 every.

From designer Nicolas Triboulot comes the Coco vase. The Tornado vase, designed by Thomas Bastide, retails for $2,550.

Also designed by Bastide, the Objectif vase carries a far more classic design that matches an current Baccarat bowl of the exact same name. “Fashion and ready-to-put on collections are each going toward easier designs. A centerpiece bowl also joins the line of eight vases. The sleek lines and robust angles of the Architecture bowl, designed by Nicolas Triboulot, have a modern day slant. We have seen that on runways in the past numerous years. Out there in two sizes, the little Objectif vase retails for $495 the huge for $1,000.

Accurate to Coombe’s words, the most current Baccarat collection largely features sleek, contemporary designs.

The Passion Collection consists of three tall bud vases that carry the similar shape and have associated patterns. The long, angular cuts are designed to catch the light, and the vase is ideal for tulips and arum lilies. The bowl, designed to match an current vase, makes a striking centerpiece and retails for $1,550.

Harcourt, by far the most standard design in the Refined Elegance collection, has a classical, round shape, narrow neck and flared lip. Baccarat is performing the same,” Coombe stated in a prior HFN interview.

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