Flower Garden Summer Maintenance

Order now for fall planting and then love the flowers subsequent spring! The very best way to plant spring blooming bulbs is in quantity, so let ample space for a terrific spring bulb show.

Take Time to Appreciate!

A nicely maintained flower garden looks lovely and presents a special type of respite. Your finest bet in the summer months is to adhere to these extra ongoing weed manage guidelines.

Tidy Up Faded Foliage

Cut down faded foliage of plants that die off in the heat such as pansies and perennials that die back and go dormant, such as bleeding heart and oriental poppies. Do you need to add extra fragrant flowers and plants?

Delight in Butterflies

You can plant a particular butterfly garden or just incorporate lots of flowers butterflies appreciate in your regular flower garden. And if cut back now, quite a few will regrow to yield further cuttings later in the season.

Savor the Special Fragrance of Summer season

There is nothing at all else like itthe perfume of flowers and foliage wafting in the heat of a summer season afternoon! Early evening has its personal unique scent, also. Have your soil tested each handful of years.

Harvest Herbs

Numerous herbs are finest harvested at the peak of freshness. Toss in a sprig of property grown mint or scented geranium leaves.

Strategy your Shaded Flower Garden for Next Summer time

Higher summer time is the greatest time of year to get the most out of your cool, shady garden. Daylilies need deadheading daily.

Weed the Flower Garden

A common routine of mulching and ongoing garden maintenance will reduce back on weeds so you have fewer each and every year than the year just before.

There are routine summer time maintenance chores to do in the summer flower garden, but the hectic pace of spring offers way to a sense of languid, hazy enjoyment. Add more as necessary to retain a depth of about two to 3 inches.

Watering the Flowers

Water only if needed to supplement rain. Be confident to set aside a tiny time this summer time just to delight in the many advantages of all your hard operate!

extra FLOWER GARDENS ARTICLES and FLOWER GARDENS BLOGS Copyright July 18 2007 Barbara Martin All Rights Reserved. Plant these butterfly flowers and the butterflies will thank you!

Strategy for Fall Bulb Planting

Its under no circumstances as well early to plan ahead. Several of the bulb catalogs present summer sales specials with wonderful discounts. Use half completed compost as mulch, or use completed compost as a leading dressing.

Lemonade in the Shade

Take time to sip a cool drink and savor the wonders of your shady garden locations. Use the photographs next winter to assistance program next years flower garden design and plantings.

Send in a Soil Sample

Lab benefits have a tendency to come back more rapidly for the duration of slower occasions of the year, like now. There are many diverse flowers you can grow in the shade.

Get pleasure from the Moon Garden on Summer Evenings

When its as well hot to be outside throughout the day, several gardeners get specific enjoyment from evening visits to their white garden or moon garden planted with exquisite white flowers and silvery foliage.

Take Images and Document the Garden

Even if the garden looks poor, its a good notion to document how it looks each month. Also eliminate any diseased foliage from the garden and dispose of it in the trash.

Harvest and Save Flower Seeds

Save seeds from your ideal plants, either to strew in the garden or commence indoors subsequent winter.

Verify for Pest Issues

Pest patrol! Scout often and follow contemporary Integrated Pest Management strategies.

Add Additional Mulch

Fluff and replenish mulch. The following gardening tasks and pleasures should be on your summer garden maintenance to-do list.

Deadhead Faded Flowers

Deadhead or remove the faded, spent blooms. Be positive to quit and notice the butterflies, the scents and the pure delight of the garden as you operate amongst the flowers. This is a pleasant job that leaves the garden looking tidy and neat. Dig down into the soil to see if you have to have to water.

Much better Composting

Compost “occurs” more rapidly in summer, in particular if you are adding fresh grass clippings to your composter. Packed mulch repels rain or irrigation water, so maintain it fluffed up

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