Kelsi Reich: Cowboys Cheerleader in for Surprise If Bills’ David Nelson Scores

He has put together a decent year as the No. I want to do something that hasn’t been done before, but the situation has to be right. More importantly it will involve his girlfriend.

Nelson has 402 receiving yards and three touchdowns this season.

“Been there and done that. 2 receiver across from Steve Johnson.

I’m not one of those people. I don’t care that Hank Baskett is married to Kendra Wilkinson.

In case you aren’t aware, this weekend the Bills are traveling to Dallas to take on the Cowboys on Sunday afternoon.

Kelsi Reich: Cowboys Cheerleader in for Surprise If Bills' David Nelson Scores

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I have no idea what it could be at this point. What was it that Nelson was going to do.

David Nelson is currently in his second season with the Bills. Nelson has said that if he scores a touchdown this weekend he will do something to celebrate. That began talks that he may propose to Reich on the field.

Buffalo Bills wide receiver David Nelson is currently dating Kelsi Reich, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

Nelson has since declined the rumor, saying that he wants to do something unique that has never been done before.

However, this weekend I am paying a little extra attention to one particular situation.

For some reason, people in general are fascinated with the personal lives of athletes and others encompassed by fame.

Immediately the rumors started. You will never catch me watching a show with Kim Kardashian. I’m intrigued enough to tune in and see what happens.. I’m not a big celebration guy when I score, but this is a special situation and if something happens I’ll be looking to enjoy the situation.”

He reportedly will have 80 fans in the stands on Sunday

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