2014 World Cup: Day 13 – Live Blogs & Updates

General Zod, my cat, has just gone to sleep on my notes.

. I can’t drink breakfast tea if it’s not breakfast, the universe will implode.

Here come the teams! Gigi Buffon is once again belting out that national anthem.

Me too JC, what a great article.

Two changes for Costa Rica today, Miller and Brenes in for Umana and Bolanos

The England players are visibly sweating just singing the national anthems.

Udyat, I can’t deny it’s a help to United, but I can’t hide my disappointment that this game ultimately means nothing.

Rugger, I’ve got weird OCD with teas. So that bodes well

Jeff, I only live for a capella second verses now.

Further updates on Costa Rica’s squad will have to wait

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