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Smith surrounded, we drove the back roads into Hot Springs. We found more wine and cheese. This time, most of the beautiful scenery is covered with snow! I had no idea that

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Unlikely Gems: Bossier City and Artesia, Texas

AAA has a designation for attractions called Gems. Our overnight in the City of Carlsbad

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Blog From The Road Trip: Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

After two weeks on the road, we’ve got a couple of stops left as we head back to Los Angeles, although we’re not sure what they are until we get there. Ill be blogging periodically about the trip, sharing our adventures, travel tips

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5-Day Surprise Trip To Paris, Part II

For Part 1, go here>> nn Day 3 The sunniest of all of the days, a balmy 45 Fahrenheit, day 3 was meander around St. On the Texas leg of your Route 66 adventure, youll

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Tourist Guide To Columbia, California, Gem Of The Southern Mines

The Gold Rush in Columbia, California started in March 1850 by some Mexican miners in this scenic town in the mountains of Tuolumne County. Germain day. Mistakenly, on past trips down U.S.

I’m an artist, husband, father, photographer, journalist, a a pretty good outdoorsman, a budding nutritionist, and a bad golfer. Actually, we had business in Olympia, Washington (covered in side trips), but we always squeezed in a stay in vibrant downtown

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Best Kept Secrets Of Los Angeles: Food, Fun and Fabric

No One Walks In L.A., Except You Ive designed these Los Angeles-based visitor adventures, so you can easily enjoy most of them on foot. You wouldnt believe the

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Our (Almost) Free 5-Day Surprise Trip To Paris

It was January 1st, and I was desperate for a good idea to celebrate my wifes big (translation: any whole number) birthday. I’ve been there before,

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Paintings From The Train: Views Of The California Coast From Amtrak

I’m a big fan of train travel, especially on the Coast Starlight, which chugs along the Pacific Ocean from Los Angeles to Seattle. Next week well explore some of the more interesting parts of Hot Springs

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Route 66: Tucumcari And Mesalands Dinosaur Museum

The neon of Tucumcari was somehow missing tonight, but we stopped anyway, checked in at the Hampton Inn, so we would be fresh for our visit to Mesalands Dinosaur Museum in the morning. They only pick so many per state, and Ive never been disappointed by one. For complete details on how to enjoy a road trip on Route 66, check it out . Steaks In Texas” />

This is an excerpt from my Route 66 blog, Mother-Road-66.blogspot.com . Check out my work at KeatingArt.com

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I Have To Live Life In Order To Make Art

Even though many ideas come from staring at my paintings contemplating the next step, I cant spend all of my time in the studio and remain inspired. Its really not fun driving from place to place

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Visitors Guide To Los Angeles Best Kept Secrets

Best Kept Secrets. The front desk

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Route 66 Road Trip: Day Two

Meteor Crater Come on, this is the quintessential worlds largest ball of twine roadside attraction, isnt it? Or is it? To keep the peace with my nostalgic wife and antsy

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Getting Our Kicks On Route 66

Its family road trip time again, and were headed from L.A. I often dance in public when it’s not appropriate. Adventure on the road with my wife and daughter

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Route 66 New Mexico And Texas Side Trips

Side trips during this leg of your Mother Road Adventure include Aliens at Roswell and dinner in the sky in Albuquerque. She always came up with these great ideas to celebrate mine surprise party

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Photos Of My Hike In Beautiful Pinnacle Peak In Scottsdale, Arizona

I just got back from shooting some of the PGA pros that were competing in the FBR Open in Scottsdale. Last spring, Amtrak invited me to take a couple of trips and blog

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Lyon, France: Golf And Gourmet in the Rhone/Alpes Region

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate to be included in a group of journalists that were invited to visit the Rhone/Alpes Region to review/photograph some of their golf courses. Many times, my wife has to resort to lying about the Gem

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Hot Tubs, Gangsters, An Alligator Farm and Some Surprises in Hot Springs, Arkansas

After a refreshing night at the lovely Hampton Inn in Ft. 66, I passed Meteor Crater by, thinking it

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Next Stop: 1950s, Second Stop: Prehistoric Times

This is an excerpt from a new blog that I created, Mother-Road-66.blogspot.com As you head out on I-40, leaving Kingman far behind, be prepared for the time warp that lies ahead. It was a short trip, Sunday

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Blog From The Road Trip: Breathtaking Guadalupe Mountains To Stormy Tucson

After watching hundreds of thousands of bats leave the huge cave entrance at dusk, we drove back to our hotel to find some loud drunken cowboys loitering below our room. One afternoon, after the shoot, I went for a hike up to Pinnacle Peak. Along the way, we stopped at a Barbecue joint for pork chops and pulled beef sandwiches

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Route 66: Cars Stuck In The Ground And Other Craziness On The Mother Road

Back on the road today, our last two stops on Route 66, before heading to Hot Springs Arkansas for a couple of days off. Not only will you be intrigued by the UFO Museum and its extensive Area 51 evidence

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Day 4: Cadillacs Coming Out Of The Ground and 72oz. Although the handful of men secretly moved their camp to the</p>
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My wife and I used to travel to the Emerald City quite a bit on business. Steaks In Texas” title=”Day 4: Cadillacs Coming Out Of The Ground and 72oz. Today, we raced up the hill from San

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. You can find information about Disneyland, Universal Studios and other Los Angeles area attractions anywhere; I like to reveal the hidden gems of Los Angeles, the best-kept secrets

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A Giant Jack Rabbit and Trees Turned To Stone

This is an excerpt from my blog, detailing itineraries and tips for a fun family vacation, roadtripping on Route 66, mother-road-66.blogspot.com Its signs like this that make Route

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Discovering Prehistoric Sites On The Mother Road

This is an excerpt from my new blog, Route 66, The Mother Road , a guide to road tripping on Americas Main Street. to Hot Springs Arkansas on Route 66. When

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Happy New Year From The Road

Sorry, I havent been on Gather the last two weeks, but were on a 2-week road trip on Route 66 (again! we love it!)

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