Tevez and Llorente of Juventus stated that Atletico is a candidate to win UCL – Los Angeles Soccer

Llorente said that Juve has made a serious match against an opponent who is never easy.

In the end, Carlos Tevez and Fernando Llorente of Juventus FC had some good words about Atletico de Madrid. The Argentine striker mentioned how Juve failed to make it out of the group last year. In fact, last year, Atletico almost won the Champions League, losing to Real Madrid.

Meanwhile, Fernando Llorente, Spanish striker from Juventus, said after the goalless draw against Atletico and the classification of Juve to the knockout stages of the Champions League that the rojiblanco has “many” options this season in the Champions League.

Juventus classified as second in Group A of the Champions League. If both teams continue to win in the knockout rounds, it might be a possibility they might face each other again.

To go into the Round of 16 was a goal Juve had according to Tevez in a report released a day ago in ESPN. Tevez also stressed the “important objective” that Atletico achieved which was to win the group.

Llorente said that the Spaniard team is a team capable of anything, as it also demonstrated last year in the same tournament. It Is doing amazing things over the years with Argentinian coach Diego Simeone. In this interview with the press, Tevez praised Atletico as one to possibly win it all.

It was also said that the Juve squad had no word on the other match in Group A between the Greek team Olympiacos and Swedish Malmo FF. Fortunately, it did not matter as Juve was able to get the tie against Atletico who was already qualified for the Round of 16..

Argentinian striker Carlos Tevez of Juventus said that Atletico de Madrid, with which Juve had a scoreless draw in the last game of the group stage for the UEFA Champions League, is a “great candidate” to the title for the international club tournament. LLorente added that Juve has done good as a group, but, in the end, Juventus might not deserve to reach the end

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