Cristiano Ronaldo ‘Sexting’ Another Woman, Not Irina Shayk

Tabloid rumors out of Italy claim that Real Madrid footballer, Ronaldo has been sexting Italian model Melissa Satta. Now why would Cristiano do such a thing? The soccer star already is dating one of the most beautiful women on the planet in Irina Shayk! Adding to this crazy rumor is the fact that Melissa Satta is also dating someone, namely Kevin Prince Boateng, of AC Milan.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo cheating on his sexy supermodel girlfriend Irina Shayk? It would appear so, though appearances can be deceiving.

Goodness, it must be a slow news day in Milan, if they are trying to take down and distract Cristiano Ronaldo by releasing this sex scandal rumor. He then supposedly sent her naked photos of himself.

The question is, is anyone actually buying this, or is this just a case of the Italian tabloids creating a scandal and running with it? Certainly Irina Shayk would probably like to know the answer to that question!

. According to the report, Ronaldo obtained Melissa’s phone number from her ex-boyfriend

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