Fifth Death Confirmed in Sugarland Stage Collapse

Just tragic.

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A fifth death at the Sugarland concert at the Indiana State Fair has been confirmed. No one could have ever predicted something like this would happen. Part of the stage collapsed just after Sara Bareilles finished her set and before the popular country group took the stage.. Everyone around the country is feeling bad about this accident, and the people who have lost loved ones are being remembered. The person was believed to be a spotlight worker who was on the stage when the steel scaffolding collapsed,” MSNBC reports.

This is such sad news to hear. When you think about all of the people who were just attending the fair to have a good time and to watch a country band perform, it’s devastating.

“The fifth death Sugarland at 2007 MyCoke Fest in Atlantawas confirmed Sunday, NBC station reported. Luckily, there was no one performing on the stage during its collapse, but that doesn’t make the five deaths and numerous injuries any less tragic

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