This is a question for all you sports bettors. (live Betting)?

You don’t think the line stays at -200 throughout the whole game, do you?

How would you make your money back?

You’ve already bet $400 to win $200.

So you’d have to bet another $500 to win your $400 (I’m guessing on the line). If the Blues hang on… you’ve broken even. then the game is over, the live betting won’t work… (If you really meant end of 3rd period… Congratulations, but that’s a lot to risk just to break even, isn’t it? .

So if the Blackhawks come back, you’ve won your initial $200, but lost $500 on the live line. you didn’t really think it would, did you?)

If it’s 2-1 Blues after two periods (I assume you meant end of 2nd period), then the Blues are likely going to be the favorite on the live betting

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