Attractive Offers For You In Dish Network’s Pay-per-view Packages

If you cannot make it to the ground, then watch the matches live on your PPV packages and stay connected with each and every moment of the game. or $439.89/year)

1. Eat Pray Love

2. Cats and Dogs

3. Predators

4. Lottery Ticket

5. The Kids are all Right

6. Charlie St. Some of the upcoming movies lined up for this month include ‘Iron Man2′, The Karate Kid’ and ‘Grown Ups’. or $439.89/year)

5. Hustler TV (Rating: XX.5 – Channel 496, Price: $29.99/mo. Cheer for your favorite team and inspire them.

DISH Network opens up a vast range of options for you in terms of entertainment. or $329.99/year)

3. XTSY (Rating: XXX, Channel 498, Price: $29.99/mo. or $329.99/year)

4. XTSY/Juicy (Rating: XXX XX.5, Price: $39.99/mo. Apart from these, the subscription would also comprise NBA TV and NBA league Pass Central. Moreover, DISH Network receiver also ensures that you get the highest quality of picture and sound output.

Real TV: One of the unique characteristics of this channel is that it shows everything that is real, raw and unedited. Apart from this, the other movies that are coming soon include the following:

Sports Events: In this you can watch everything right from baseball, boxing and cricket to mixed martial arts. Some of the PPV channels are given below:

However, please note that if you want to avail of the promotional offers in the above cases then you have to enter into an agreement with DISH Network for one year as per the contract.

Apart from these, you can also check out the following adult packages:

1. Fresh (Rating XX, Channel 493, Price: $29.99/mo or $329.99 for 1 year)

2. Reality Kings TV (Rating: XX.5 – Channel 495, Price: $29.99/mo. Now you can get the front row tickets for NHL Center Ice on your DISH Network. It’s very different from viewing cable TV. Do you want to add spice to your life and make it more interesting? Don’t you want to redefine the rules of entertainment? Then why not have a DISH Network connection at your home. You can choose any of your desired PPV channels from below:-

Find out what’s hot and happening in Wrestling. Look out for the adult late night movies, erotic reality shows, spicy stuff and many more. The real life like pictures of HD is miles better than your local cable channels. Pay-Per-View is just one of them. This channel 492 is rated as XX and would cost you $29.99/mo, i.e. Cloud

7. Scott Pilgrim vs. For Basketball fans, DISH Network brings you NBA League Pass where you can watch 40 live games. $329.99 for 1 year (with agreement).

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Adult Packages: The adult packages are one of the most popular and oft subscribed packages of the DISH Network. With DISH TV, you can literally have the world on your fingertips. There are no pretentions and scripts here. or $329.99/year)

6. XTSY/Juicy (Rating: XXX XX.5, Price: $39.99/mo. If you are looking for real adult stuff then your search will end here. What’s more? All these can be yours at unbelievably affordable rates! Look out for the various attractive offers in DISH Network’s Pay-Per-View packages.

You are free to choose your favorite programs from a wide range of packages. Nothing can get better than watching your favorite soap or opera in digital programming. These will certainly arouse your senses. Playboy subscription charge is $16/mo for 1 year (with agreement).

DISH Cinema: If you have a craze for watching movies then DISH cinema is perfect for you. or $439.89/year)

7. Reality Kings TV/Hustler TV (Rating: XX.5, Price: $39.99/mo. In this package you can also check out the Spanish and International movies as well. The World

8. Grown Ups

9. The Karate Kid

10. Revenge of Kitty Galore

11. Jonah Hex

12. Grimm Love

13. Sands of Time

14. The Robin Hood

15. Prince of Persia

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Playboy TV: Also known as Channel 488 and rated X, Playboy TV is an extremely popular package. Here, you can choose your pick and pay for it in addition to your regular package. It deals with pure pleasure. You can also order for your tickets at the earliest in order to reserve your seat in advance.

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