Which Post Offices are open late tonight! The scoop right here!

These are the offices that will be open longer than normal. Here in Pittsburgh, the Grant Street Post Office has traditionally been open until midnight (even having someone standing out on the sidewalk so people just drove past and handed over the returns), but apparently this year, that’s not the case!

Sierra Coastal; Van Nyes MO; 15701 SHERMAN WAY; VAN NUYS, CA 91406-9998; Open until midnight

Western New York  ; Caugua Branch Buffalo ; ; ; Open until midnight

Mid-Carolina; NONE; 201 N MCDOWELL ST; CHARLOTTE, NC 28204-9798; Charlotte Downtown Station open until 11pm

Atlanta; Boggs Road Postal Store; 1605 BOGGS RD; DULUTH, GA 30096-5519; Open until midnight

Atlanta; Atlanta MPO; 3900 CROWN RD SW; ATLANTA, GA 30304-9998; Open until midnight

Cincinnati; Dayton Main Post Office; 1111 E 5TH ST; DAYTON, OH 45401-9998; Open unitl 7:00 PM

Central PA; Lancaster MOW; 1400 HARRISBURG PIKE; LANCASTER, PA 17604-9992; Open unitl 8:00 PM

South Jersey ; Bellmawr MOW; 501 BENIGNO BLVD; BELLMAWR, NJ 08031-2526; Open until midnight

San Diego; Midway PDF; 2535 MIDWAY DR; SAN DIEGO, CA 92110-9998; Open until midnight

NEVADA-SIERRA; LAS VEGAS – MPO; 1001 E SUNSET RD RM 1030; LAS VEGAS, NV 89199-9998; Open until midnight

Richmond; NONE; ; ; Opened until 8pm and outside collections

Oklahoma; Oklahoma City AMF; 6500 AIR CARGO RD; OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73195-9741; Open until midnight

Northern Ohio; Akron Main Office; 675 WOLF LEDGES PKWY RM 101; AKRON, OH 44309-9902; Open until 8:00 PM.

Honolulu; Unknown; 3600 AOLELE ST RM 209; HONOLULU, HI 96820-9998; Open until midnight

Arkansas; Little Rock PDC; 4700 E MCCAIN BLVD; LITTLE ROCK, AR 72231-9998; Open until midnight

Central PA; Lehigh Valley MOW; 17 S COMMERCE WAY; LEHIGH VALLEY, PA 18002-9610; Open unitl 8:00 PM

NORTHLAND; AIRPORT MAIL CENTER; ; ; Open until midnight

Sacramento; Industrial Station; 668 INDUSTRIAL PARK DR; MANTECA, CA 95337-9997; Open until midnight

Detroit; Redford Branch; 12245 BEECH DALY RD; REDFORD, MI 48239-9998; Open until midnight

Oklahoma; Tulsa AMF; 2161 N CARGO RD STE A; TULSA, OK 74115-2365; Open until midnight

SALT LAKE CITY; PROVO EAST BAY – MPO; 936 S 250 E; PROVO, UT 84606-9998; Open until midnight

Columbus; Port Columbus ; 4299 SAWYER RD; COLUMBUS, OH 43236-9998; Open unitl 11:00 PM

Bay Valley; Salinas MO; 1011 POST DR; SALINAS, CA 93907-1821; Open until midnight

Northern Ohio; AMC Cleveland; 5801 POSTAL RD; CLEVELAND, OH 44181-9998; Open regular hours until midnight

Greater Boston; Fort Point Station; 25 DORCHESTER AVE RM 1; BOSTON, MA 02205-9761; Open until midnight

New York; James A Farley; 421 8TH AVE; NEW YORK, NY 10001-9998; Open until midnight

. Virginia; NONE; ; ; Merrifield open until 8pm

United States Post Office extended hours. STA; 7550 E 53RD PL; DENVER, CO 80217-0009; Open until midnight

Lakeland; Milwaukee AMC; 5500 S HOWELL AVE; MILWAUKEE, WI 53207-6127; Open until midnight

ARIZONA; YUMA – MPO; 2222 S 4TH AVE; YUMA, AZ 85364-9998; Open until midnight

Philadelphia; Southeastern Retail; 1000 W VALLEY RD; SOUTHEASTERN, PA 19399-9998; Open until midnight

Central PA; Harrisburg MOW; 1425 CROOKED HILL RD; HARRISBURG, PA 17107-9997; Open unitl 8:00 PM

Baltimore; Baltimore Main Office Window; 900 E FAYETTE ST RM 118; BALTIMORE, MD 21233-9715; Open until midnight

SALT LAKE CITY; SALT LAKE CITY – MPO; 1760 W 2100 S; SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84199-9998; Open until midnight

Albany; Utica; 100 PITCHER ST; UTICA, NY 13504-9998; Open until midnight

Albuquerque; Main Office Window; 1135 BROADWAY BLVD NE; ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87101-0001; Open until midnight

ALASKA; ANCHORAGE – MPO; 4141 POSTMARK DR; ANCHORAGE, AK 99530-9998; Open until midnight

Central PA; Scranton MOW; 2800 STAFFORD AVE; SCRANTON, PA 18505-9998; Open unitl 8:00 PM

Source: USPS website

ARIZONA; PHOENIX GMF; ; ; Open until midnight

Cincinnati; Toledo Main Post Office; 435 S SAINT CLAIR ST; TOLEDO, OH 43601-9998; Open unitl 7:00 PM

Cincinnati; Cincinnati Main Post Office; 1591 DALTON AVE; CINCINNATI, OH 45234-9998; Open unitl 8:00 PM

Western New York  ; Rochester MOW ; 1335 JEFFERSON RD; ROCHESTER, NY 14692-9998; Open until 9:00 PM.

San Diego; Riverside MO; 4150 CHICAGO AVE; RIVERSIDE, CA 92507-5369; Open until midnight


Capital; National Capital; 2 MASSACHUSETTS AVE NE; WASHINGTON, DC 20002-9997; Open until midnight


Suncoast; Tampa MPO; 3501 BESSIE COLEMAN BLVD FL 3; TAMPA, FL 33630-5010; Open until midnight

Los Angeles; Airport Station; 9029 AIRPORT BLVD; LOS ANGELES, CA 90009-9998; Open until midnight

Detroit; George W Young MO; ; ; Open until midnight

Dallas; Main Office Window; 401 DFW TPKE; DALLAS, TX 75260-9998; Open until midnight

South Jersey ; Wilmington MOW ; 3911 CONCORD PIKE; WILMINGTON, DE 19803-9997; Open until midnight

Caribbean; San Juan MO; 585 AVE FD ROOSEVELT STE 202; SAN JUAN, PR 00936-9998; Open until midnight

Central PA; Williamsport MOW; 2901 REACH RD; WILLIAMSPORT, PA 17701-9998; Open unitl 8:00 PM

San Diego; SB PDC; 1900 W REDLANDS BLVD; SAN BERNARDINO, CA 92403-9997; Open until midnight

N. Bay Valley; Oakland MO; 1675 7TH ST RM 236; OAKLAND, CA 94615-9997; Open until midnight

Northern Ohio; Cleveland Main Office ; 2400 ORANGE AVE; CLEVELAND, OH 44101-9003; Open until midnight

Albuquerque; Rio Rancho; 900 PINETREE RD SE; RIO RANCHO, NM 87124-9998; Open until midnight

San Francisco; AMF; 660 W FIELD RD; SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94128-9741; Open until midnight

SALT LAKE CITY; OGDEN – MPO; 3680 PACIFIC AVE; OGDEN, UT 84401-9998; Open until midnight

Central PA; Reading Main Window (Gus Yatron facility); 2100 N 13TH ST; READING, PA 19612-0001; Open unitl 8:00 PM

SEATTLE; RIVERTON STATION; 15250 32ND AVE S; SEATAC, WA 98188-9998; Open until midnight

Albany; Albany GMF; 30 KARNER RD; ALBANY, NY 12288-9998; Open until midnight

Chicago; Cardiss Collins; 433 W HARRISON ST FL LBBY; CHICAGO, IL 60699-9208; Open until midnight

ARIZONA; PEORIA SPORTS COMPLEX; ; ; Open until midnight


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