Is It Possible To Sharpen A Cigar Cutter?

Many of these devices are self-sharpening and some manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee on the blade’s sharpness. There are single- and double-bladed guillotine cutters available. If you’re comfortable with sharpening knives, however, you may be able to put a good edge on it. The V-cut is very popular and quite similar to the guillotine punch. There are three types of punch cutters, bullet, Havana and multi-punch. Provided you keep it safe, the blade should be sharp enough without you having to sharpen it.

A cigar cutter can be one of many different tools used to cut the cap end of a cigar off prior to smoking it. It is debatable whether or not it’s worth it to sharpen these devices. It’s fine to store your cutter in your humidor with your other accessories. They are certainly sharp enough to cause injuries and should be used with a bit of caution. Double-bladed, or scissor-bladed, cutters make more precise cuts. The punch cutters are usually a bit pricier. Sometimes the manufacturer will offer a sharpening service, and this is a great option. The guillotine is the one most people are familiar with. Other sharpening materials, such as diamond stones, may also be used. The process of sharpening these blades is identical to sharpening any other blade, but you may have to disassemble your unit to do it.

Because these devices can be complicated, it’s sometimes better to have them professionally-sharpened. They all use different means of giving a precise cut that increases the pleasure of smoking the cigar. The cigar’s cut also ensures that the tobacco burns evenly, which further ensures that you get the most out of your tobacco.

There are three broad categories of cutters: guillotines, punches and V-cuts. Cigar cutters are very sharp devices. That requires you to figure out the geometry of the blade and to find out how you’re going to put an edge on it, which might be difficult.

If you have a hard time cutting through a cigar, it might be better to just contact the company that manufactures the cutter and ask them if it’s a warranty issue. They are one of the simplest and best choices for smaller rings. Some of these blades are spring-loaded devices. If you’re determined to sharpen your blade, you can use a mill file, a sharpening stone or a grinding wheel to do it. It makes a wedge-shaped cut in the cigar which provides thicker smoke.

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