Top 3 Server Virtualization Products

The Top 3 server virtualization products are the best of breed and this is why they are so popular. Citrix XenServer – a Server Virtualization Alternative Worth Trying

Once a standalone product, now Microsoft Hyper-V Server is integrated in the operating system itself (starting from Windows 2008) and generally if you have a Windows server license, you can use Microsoft Hyper-V Server for free. a top virtualization product will have.

1. Citrix XenServer is one of the oldest server virtualization products but it is still very popular. Citrix XenServer successfully competes with vSphere and Hyper V-Server because it has all the important features, such as a robust hypervisor, live migration, management consoles, etc. vSphere is robust and flexible and many applications of various types (such as database servers, web servers, etc.) run on it without problems, which isn’t the case with many other virtualization solutions.

Citrix XenServer. Prices start from $0 for the free version, which is very stripped-down in terms of functionality, to $1,000, $2,500, and $5,000 for the Advanced, Enterprise, and Platinum versions, respectively.

Microsoft Hyper-V Server If you are looking for a virtualization solution to deploy on Windows as a host platform, then Microsoft Hyper-V Server (or its competitors VMware vSphere and Citrix XenServer) are your best options.

3. you can find in a server virtualization product. They are known for their top performance but still this doesn’t mean you are insured against problems. It has all the main features, such as live migration, cluster operations, snapshots, etc. The disadvantage of VMware vSphere is its cost – it isn’t free and depending on what kind of implementation you require, the price could be very high.

Virtualization is a great technology and there are many advantages of virtualization but very often you will read reports about the problems it causes. You know the disadvantages of virtualization, and no product can guarantee that you will never suffer downtime. VMware vSphere – the Undisputed Leader in Server Virtualization

2. Their market share varies a lot and VMware vSphere is the undisputed leader but still the other two – Microsoft Hyper-V Server, Citrix XenServer – are worth consideration because they also have their strengths.

Centralized management and the ESX/ESXi hypervisors are its main advantages. VMware is the most popular server virtualization product. There is nothing perfect in this imperfect world and virtualization isn’t an exception, so before starting an implementation, you need to get familiar with the disadvantages of virtualization, too.

These three server virtualization products are the top in their class. Still, when you get one of the top server virtualization products, this decreases the risk of getting into trouble.

VMware vSphere. Microsoft Hyper-V Server – a Free Server Virtualization Solution. vSphere is actually a family of products for small, mid-sized, and large enterprises

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